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What's Cracked Down On Now Will Probably Become The Norm Of The Next Century

Say What'd Your Grampy Say About What People Thought About Computers, Cell Phones, And The Internet Back In The "Day"/Darkages, Think Next Of What His Grandfather Said About Em. Some People Are Resistant To Change But Most Just Are Afraid To Think That The People That Believe In Space Colonies, Perfect Regeneration/Respawn, And Self-Replicating Nanobots Are Not Borderline And Needing To Be On Some Constant Watch So In A Snap They Can Lose Every Single Freedom And Without Even A Largely Witnessed Trial By Judge Not To Mention NEVER HAVING A Trial By Jury For Believing In What Statistically Speaking Is GOING TO HAPPEN. We The Free World Alliance Civil Liberties Union Want This AND That People Who Believe Eating Whatever You Want And Staying Skinny Is Healthy, Modern Recreational Drugs Cause Brain Health, And That They Fountain Of Youth Biomoded Themselves Into Not Aging Permanently Are Just Considered Normal Like The People Who Believe That They Dream Within Neural Interface Based Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality Environments, FNCVR Environments. And About The People Who Believe In Mild Racism, They Shouldn't Be Harassed By Coloreds At All Unless They Are Prejudging People Instead Of Racially Profiling Just To Imagine What The Person Is Like And Not Discriminate In Any Fashion Because Even Most NeoNazis Believe That Except For Their Friends, Discrimination Is A Bad Idea, And If You Think Coloreds Stink You Are Just Going To Have To Go To A More White Area Or Tolerate The Stink Where You Choose To Work. And Yes If You Are Discriminated Against For Any Reason Like Being On Parole Working For A Software Engineering Company When There Is No Crime To Commit, Believing In A Brighter Future As A BusinessGirl, Or Being Hounded On By The ACLU For Not Hiring Politically Incompatible Mexicans From University Of Phoenix At Your Law Firm, An Azian Who Has The Money For A Mixed Anime/Movie/Jewelry/Hottest Clothing And Accessory And Various Odds And End Shoppe And Is Being Refused Because People Have Only Choice In Style And Color And Not Brand Name Or Wholesaler Choice With In The End The Asian Branded As A Communist. And Not Black People Trying To Work For Outback Steak House Without A Lot Of A British Or Australian Accent, And Not Mexicans Who Think They Invented A New Interface Feature In Microsoft Windows That Just Cost Billions To Stabilize Like The Multi-Desktop Feature Of Windows 10 AND DEFINATLY NOT REVERSE RACISTS!

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